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RaidenDNSD 1.3.19 is released, fix TXT record for domain key issue.

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RaidenDNSD is an easy-to-use DNS server software for Windows™. With this handy tool you can control your domain, provide DNS services, provide dynamic IP client update service (DDNS Client) to customers; it also features various advanced features such as Remote Control, Dynamic update, Single Step Wizard, Domain Diagnose Tool (Beta) and more ..

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features highlight

RMC - allows you to remotely control and manage your RaidenDNSD.

DDNS - provide client AP to users for dynamic IP update.

Wizard - Wizard for single step to generate whole records of a domain.

High performance - Kernal of DNSD 1.3 was optimized algorithm, mush faster response.

Stable - With enough RAM, single DNSD can control more than 8000 domains.

Security - protect from DoS attact with restricting Open DNS feature.

On Win32 platform, RaidenDNSD can manage 8000 domains and very stable, high perfromance. No matter in office, at home, RaidenDNSD is the best Cost/performance DNS server software.

...and much more! please see the detailed page

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